White Noise Systems & Sound Masking

Sound Masking and White Noise ReductionWith the growing popularity of open office systems, the need for commercial white noise systems or “sound masking” has become essential. Studies have proven time and again that office noise distractions have a markedly negative influence on a company’s bottom line. Due to bad acoustics, many employees struggle to maintain focus or worry about privacy issues. Sound masking was designed to be a practical solution to most acoustical problems. Sound masking works by installing ceiling or plenum mounted emitters that release a barely noticeable low level noise that “fills in” the sound spectrum around you. In turn, the unwanted conversation two cubicles down is covered up and the private meeting held in the conference room remains private. Intelnetworks represents Lencore as well as Cambridge sound masking systems. Whether it be a large open call center or a individual office, let us help you create the best environment possible for you and your employees!