“When we decided to move our office in April 2010 we turned to Blair Brookins and the staff at iTelNetworks for all our telecom, cabling, A/V and IT needs. The whole team at iTelNetworks is knowledgeable, professional and a pleasure to work with. They did a fantastic job and were able to deliver us a great solution at a reasonable price. I would recommend iTelNetworks to any company that is moving or opening up a new office. They did a great job in handling our telecom, voice and data cabling, A/V and IT needs. Thanks iTelNet!” – Todd Eichhorn, Visionaire Partners

Voice & Data Cabling

ItelNetworks, Inc specializes in the installation and service of voice and data cabling for corporate, retail, higher education, and healthcare clients spanning the state of Georgia.

Phone & Internet Services
Business and Internet Services

ItelNetworks can help your business make the best decision on business phone and internet service.

Fiber Optics

Another option clients are considering more and more is fiber. Most private businesses are becoming increasingly reliant on the transfer of data over computer networks.

Phone Systems

As technology evolves, the lines between the telephone, internet, and computer are slowly disappearing. We understand it can be overwhelming trying to navigate all three services…

Access Control

Our products provide you with the ability to totally control access to certain areas, by access privilege, or time of day restrictions.

Surveillance Equipment

Itelnetworks provides an array of surveillance products and equipment.

Sound Masking Systems

With the growing popularity of open office systems, the need for commercial white noise systems or “sound masking” has become essential.

Audio/Visual Products

As a company rooted in all things Information Technology, we have seen the convergence of the audio visual and IT industries firsthand.